UFC 229

UFC 229: MMA Fighting won the UFC 229 results of the Habib vs. McGregor combat map at the T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, on the top combat direct combat blog and on the UFC 229 Twitter website.

In the main event, UFC lightweight champion Habib Nurmagomedov will appear in front of two two heavyweight UFC champions Conor MacGregor, who will return to the octagonal team after two years of absence.

Former UFC lightweight champion Tony Ferguson will play against former UFC champion Anthony Petitis in the joint main event.

Bloody Elbow employees provided a forecast for UFC 229: Khabib vs. McGregor, since this is an important show, we will divide these posts into major events, primary and junior cards. This is dedicated to the main event. Habib Nurmagomedov may be a favorite of betting, but BE employees prefer Conor MacGregor to win the UFC lightweight title. It is worth noting that Fraser Koffin believes that this battle will change the situation.

Forecasts are held throughout the week and collected the day before the event. There is no need to explain for each project, and some authors prefer not to do this for their own reasons. For example, if Phil MacKenzie enters all his predictions on Wednesday without any explanation, he does not know whether he will be the only fighter to match any particular battle.

Anton Tabuena: Most points of conversation are concentrated between “strike and hug”, but I think that aerobic exercise and chin are more important factors. Because of the gap in their irresistible game, MacGregor may fall behind his beat, so the question for me is more: will Habib protect and retain defense and perseverance, but when will it happen When did this happen? Remote control McGregor helps him (underestimated) to remove the protection, and he is confident that he can perform several assemblies.

But Habib doesn’t care if his first attempt stops, he will exert pressure, and he will mercilessly tie in these exemptions. Can a MacGregor survive at this rate because it will be deleted after deletion? When he was depressed, could he stand up and fight for him immediately, and also find his position, to use his work and time to reduce quality shots? Even in the game he controlled, he showed aerobics, so can he keep this style? Will Habib’s chin continue to shrink?

It’s hard to say that everything is in order, but I, as a rule, renew my belt with the former champion. Habib usually takes some time to get them to lose in the first round, which, in my opinion, is very dangerous for McGregor. I think he used his work and got good punches. Habib showed longevity, but I think no one else called Diaz, his chin was finally in front of his predictable aerobic exercise. This failed. Conor MacGregor.

Mookie Alexander: I chose McGregor in the second game of Mendes and Diaz. The rest of the octagons won Connor. I am very sure that Habib will win even after the Battle of Yakwine, but he puts it out and gives more thoughts, I am inclined to McGregor. In a sense, the battle has a two-way result, which largely depends on how the first round works.

Whether Habib received his movement and damaged MacGregor, he extracted many energy threats from him, which is why the rest of the battle is inevitable, or MacGregor caught up with him, causing damage to Nurmagomedov and making him the Wrong decision and, perhaps, Conor could be filled with deletion tak. Contrary to popular belief, McGregor is not a scary defender, nor a desperate squatter.

His real situation is better than many people think, but it is difficult to understand his strength and positional advantage in relations with Habib, plus land and pound. However, Habib relies heavily on fences for work. This is a big problem for me, because I think that MacGregor will be the one who wants to gain a foothold and use his efforts to have Habib train him diligently. In space, MacGregor has more chances to get his offensive stream and his combination. Habib is not a terrible defensive forward, not a very bad forward, but he is not very good in this respect and is often very confused.

I think McGregor understands that he has a 10-12 minute window to win this game, and he will do his best. We have never seen how Habib copes with real adversity, and MacGregor has appeared many times. If Habib handles this well, then he will treat him fairly, but I think he will leave too many weaknesses in communication, and those moments that MacGregor must remove. If this game is similar to the game of MacGregor against Mendes 2, I would not be surprised, which means that Conor MacGregor TKO is the second round.